The Best ​​​​​​Toaster Ovens of 2019

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​Toaster Ovens have become extremely popular over the past two decades. They allow you to easily cook food on-the-fly while cutting down on storage space and counter-top space. Each model differs in cooking capabilities – so it’s important to educate yourself. Many of the entry level Toaster Ovens will easily toast slices of bread, while some of the higher end models are capable of thoroughly cooking pizzas and even meats.

To date, ​iHeartReviews has reviewed different Toaster Ovens from all of the leading manufacturers. Our Reviews will give you a comprehensive insight into the best ​toaster ​ovens – letting you know its capabilities, power and other quirky features. We individually rate each Toaster Oven out of 5-stars based on price, quality, features, and power – giving you ultimate buying power in choosing the best Toaster Oven.

​Top 10 Best ​​​​​​Toaster Ovens of ​2019

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 NameCapacityOverallScoreCheck Price
Breville BOV845BSSBreville BOV845BSS6-slice toaster, 13" pizza
9.8Check Price
Panasonic NB-G110PPanasonic NB-G110P4-slice toaster, 9" pizza
9.7Check Price
Cuisinart TOB-260N1Cuisinart TOB-260N19-slice toaster, 13" pizza
9.5Check Price

​​​​Toaster Ovens​: ​What you need to know

​If you have never owned a toaster oven before, then you may not know what this is, or what it does. You may think that it is just a form of a toaster, with more buttons and taking up more space on the countertop, but in fact, a toaster oven can be used for a lot more than just making toast. It has very little in common with a traditional push-down toaster and a lot more in common with a small oven. It performs very much like an oven, roasting, warming and cooking food in exactly the same way as a traditional oven. Before you choose to purchase one of these items, you should learn more about how they function, and what they can be used for.

Top 3 Cheap & affordable ​​​​​Toaster Ovens in 2019

 NameCapacityOverallScoreCheck Price
Breville BOV845BSSBreville BOV845BSS6-slice toaster, 13" pizza
9.8Check Price
Panasonic NB-G110PPanasonic NB-G110P4-slice toaster, 9" pizza
9.7Check Price
Cuisinart TOB-260N1Cuisinart TOB-260N19-slice toaster, 13" pizza
9.5Check Price

​What does a Toaster Oven do?

hamilton beach toaster oven

A toaster oven is essentially a tool for cooking. You can use it for toasting, but you can also do a lot more with it than that. The device will warm up foods, including re-heating or defrosting items, and can also roast meats and vegetables. The oven will warm things up using air circulation, using a heat exchange system which allows you to cook your food evenly.

​As the heat is circulated, rather than just heated through a single coil at the back of traditional ovens, the toaster oven can actually be a more affordable and reasonable option if you want to cut down on your electricity bill.

​What features are included in a ​Toaster ​Oven?

​Toaster ovens can come with a range of different features, designed to help you cook food more effectively. In some ovens, for example, there is an automatic timer which will allow you to dictate how long you want to cook your food for. There are also alerts with some types of toaster ovens that will warn you when the timer has ended.

oster toaster oven

There may be preset functions, which allow you to cook food according to a pre-set time, such as for a jacket potato, or for cheese on toast. These pre-set times are there to allow you to set the time with a single press of the button.

​There is also a distinct sub-set of toaster ovens, known as Rotisserie ovens, which will roast food in a traditional rotisserie style. This means that the food will be cooked as though it was on a spit, which can make delicious, moist food such as roast chicken, roast beef or roast pork. You can also use the roasting function on your toaster oven to cook the meats as in a traditional oven roast. Which option you choose will depend upon how you like your meal.

What are the top 3 best selling ​​Toaster Ovens?

 NameCapacityOverallScoreCheck Price
Breville BOV845BSSBreville BOV845BSS6-slice toaster, 13" pizza
9.8Check Price
Panasonic NB-G110PPanasonic NB-G110P4-slice toaster, 9" pizza
9.7Check Price
Cuisinart TOB-260N1Cuisinart TOB-260N19-slice toaster, 13" pizza
9.5Check Price

​What can I do with a Toaster Oven?

As with other sorts of kitchen utensils, it is tempting to buy the device first, and then wonder what you can do with it later. However, it is important to understand exactly what you can do with a toaster oven before you invest in one of these items. There is more to the oven than just cooking toast or roasting vegetables. With a toaster oven you could:

  • ​Re-heat yesterday’s leftovers before cooking them as a different meal.
  • ​Defrost meats and other frozen items that will form the main part of your meal.
  • ​Warm up plates before using them to serve dinner. Unlike traditional ovens, which might overheat your plates, a toaster oven can have a low setting which will gently warm your plates, not cook them.
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    ​Cook nuts and seeds. These need gentle heating, and with a sheet covered in aluminum foil, you can cook them easily in about 15 minutes.
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    ​Cook additional dishes while your main oven is occupied. When you are making food for a dinner party, you often have to have multiple things on the go. A toaster oven can help here by cooking some of the side-dishes when the main oven is too full, allowing you to get everything out on time.
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    ​Make cakes. If you want to make a small number of cakes, biscuits or rolls for yourself or your family, then heating up a large traditional stove might not be the answer. A toaster oven can cook small batches of these items so that you don’t have to use the entire oven for three or four cakes.
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    ​Cook meats. The toaster oven can cook a substantial amount of meat, from whole chickens, either roasted or turned on a rotisserie spit, to ribs, chicken legs or roast pork belly.
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    ​Toast bread with cheese on top. This is a popular way to cook cheese on toast.

​These are a few of the things that you can do with a toaster oven when you want to do more than just toast and would like other options.

Our Picks: The Reviews


Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven - Our Pick For The Best ​​​​​​​​Toaster Oven of ​2019

  • ​Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven

​Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven

​Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven


Panasonic NB-G110P - ​​​The runner up ​​​​Toaster Oven!

  • ​Panasonic NB-G110P
Panasonic NB-G110P

​The Runner ​Up!

​Panasonic NB-G110P


Cuisinart TOB-260N1 - ​​​Stainless Steel​​​​​
Chef's Convection Toaster Oven

  • ​Cuisinart TOB-260N1

​Cuisinart TOB-260N1

​Cuisinart TOB-260N1

​Toaster Oven​ Buying Guide

​The toaster oven is one of the most useful pieces of equipment around the kitchen, and many cooks use it on a daily basis. If you are thinking about buying a toaster oven, or want to replace the one that you already have, then it might seem just a simple matter of buying one from your local electrical shop or even a supermarket. However, as with everything else in the kitchen, you get what you pay for, and a low-value item might not be the best tool for you. Cheap toaster ovens can break down easily, and will also be less sensitive to your settings. Finding the right toaster oven will help you to get the perfect cooked toast every time.

Making a want list

Before you start looking for your toaster oven, it is a good idea to sit down and make a list of all the things that you want the oven to contain. This might include items such as brand model or cooking function. The latter is possibly the most significant decision that you can make about your toaster oven.

You may consider:

Cooking ability: If you want the oven to do more than cheese on toast, then you may have to narrow your selection by writing a wish list. Do you want to be able to bake a pizza or reheat food from earlier? Perhaps warm up a meal or roast items? If you want any of these particularly, then this will override any other consideration.

Size: A kitchen is a finite space, and toaster ovens can be very large and may restrict the amount of space that you have available. If your oven is too big, then you won’t be able to fit it into the space provided, and this means that you might be stuck for a while. As well as external size, you will also need to consider the interior of your oven. If you want to roast vegetables in there, then it will need to be large enough to do this safely.

Cost: The price of everything is a big issue today, and choosing the right toaster oven for your needs will also mean selecting an oven which is cost-effective. Some brands of the oven are better value for money than others, but you should also consider whether the cost is one of the most important issues when it comes to buying a piece of kitchen hardware like a toaster oven.

Choosing a particular roasting oven

When you have your requirements listed, you will need to think about the functions of the toaster oven itself. At this point, it makes sense to look at the ovens, and see what functions are available. For example, you may want a small, basic oven which has toasting and baking, and maybe a few other features, but nothing too unusual. You may choose one of the Convection cooking ovens, which feature faster cooking with energy-saving heating that can save you money. Rotisserie ovens will allow you to create spit-roasted meats. These are larger than the basic oven, sometimes bigger even than traditional kitchen ovens. They can also be demanding when it comes to cleaning up after a spit-roast has been cooked inside.

Additional Features for a toaster oven

Not all toaster ovens have the same features, and some brands of oven don’t even have the same features in the same brand. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you get the type of oven that you want, you need to be able to select the features that you want.

Such features may include:

  • ​Timer​. This feature allows you to order a set time for something to be cooked, such as the particular number of minutes you want the toaster oven to cook cheese on toast for.
  • ​Auto-shut off. This is another important feature that many ovens offer. It means that the oven will turn itself off automatically after the cooking has finished, so that food is not burnt. This is a feature which is common in microwaves and toasters, but less common in traditional kitchen ovens.
  • ​Want to make sure that you are told when the oven has finished cooking? An alert is the best solution to this need and can be a useful tool whether you are cooking toasted cheese or roasting meat on a spit.
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    ​Intuitive functions. Many modern ovens seem as though they need a rocket scientist to explain how it works, but toaster ovens are still simple and allow you to work out what you need to do to cook something before you have even read the instruction manual.
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    Removable trays. After cooking anything from toast to meat, you need to be able to clean out the oven, including wiping down the inner racks and taking out the crumb tray. The latter should simply pull out from your oven’s front panel, and this will allow you to clean it while your oven is still cooling down.

The Best Toaster Oven for you

​When you are considering the type of toaster oven that you want, it is important to remember that you will be the person using it and cooking on it, and this means that you will need to happy with what you are using. Even if you fall in love with a clunking great oven that has difficult-to-understand functions and only the basic cooking tools, then that is what you will need to buy.

If you have been looking at toaster ovens with a mind to buying something cheap and affordable, then you may want to consider the other options that are available to you. Cheap ovens are often those which have the least adaptability, and you may only get one or two extra functions. If you are prepared to spend money on a cooker, then you should consider whether you want a long-lasting, multi-function cooker which is slightly more expensive but will satisfy your need for a cooker that can do anything from roasting to making a piece of toast.

​How-To Guide: How to use them correctly

​If you have just bought a toaster oven, and this is the first time you have ever owned one, then you may want to know a little bit more about how to use it. Toaster ovens can be really easy and convenient to use, but for absolute beginners, they can seem a bit daunting. Reading the user’s manual can be helpful, but if you are still unsure about whether you will be able to use a toaster oven or not, then following a simple guide can help you to figure things out.

Step 1: Understand what kind of toaster oven you have

The first thing that you need to know about your oven is exactly what type it is. There are several different types of oven, from the traditional coil-heater to convection ovens and even a rotisserie oven. The sort of oven that you have will affect the cooking time of foods going into the oven, as well as how the oven works in general. Therefore, it is vital that you know how your own works before you proceed.

Step 2: Learn the functions of your oven

Before you start cooking, you need to know all of the function buttons on your oven. Some have basic dials that allow you to set the cooker for 1 minute or up to an hour, while others have pre-set functions that you can use to dictate the cooking time with just the press of a button. The more you understand about the functions of the oven, the easier you will find cooking in the oven without burning your food or under-cooking it.

Step 3: Use the right utensils for the oven

Having the right kind of utensils, including pots and lids, will ensure that your food is cooked evenly, and the utensils are not damaged by the heat. In the case of convection ovens, where the heat needs to be spread evenly across the oven, it is a good idea to find utensils which have low sides, so that the flow of air is not stopped. Non-insulated pans can also be a good idea for this kind of oven. Rotisserie ovens, when used with the spit, will need to have a drip-pan beneath the spit, so that fat is captured and not allowed to land on the lower surfaces of the oven. Try to position this pan so that you catch as much of the fat as possible.

Step 4: Calculate cooking time for your food

The amount of time that your food will be cooking in the oven will depend upon what you are cooking. Roasting a chicken will take a lot longer than using the oven to cook cheese on toast. What you should do is find an easy, simple-to-cook dish that can be cooked in your oven. Use this dish for your first few attempts to cook in the toaster oven, and keep practicing this dish until you are confident that you know exactly how long it will take to cook. You can then try more challenging dishes in order to test your skills.

Step 5: Check the food during cooking

You may need to keep an eye on your food when you are cooking it at the beginning of your time with the toaster oven. Some ovens will have alerts that sound when the timer has finished, but others do not, and it is easy enough to forget that the oven is cooking, and leave it running all night. Some ovens do not turn off, and so you are risking an accident if you don’t check the food regularly.

Step 6: Understand the right sort of foods to cook in your oven

There are many foods which a toaster oven can cook easily, and without having any problems at all, but there are other foods which don’t do very well in this type of oven, and need to have the full-size stove in which to cook properly. In smaller toaster ovens, you may find that whole chickens don’t cook very well, and sometimes end up raw on one side, but over-cooked on the other. Understanding what cooks well in your oven will come with experience, but you can find out now by researching the internet and by consulting with friends.

Step 7: Clean down your oven after use

When you have finished cooking in the oven, it is important that you take the time to clean down afterward. This is particularly important if you have been using the rotisserie since you don’t want to leave fat or oils where the oven might heat them when you cook next time. If you have been cooking cheese on toast, then take out the crumb drawer, and clean it out thoroughly. By doing this every time you will ensure that you have a nice and clean oven next time you want to cook in it.

The Best Toaster Ovens on The Market
Toaster Ovens help you to toast foods to perfection. They are smaller and more efficient than traditional ovens and are perfect for both toasting and baking when at home.
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