The Best ​Lawn Mowers of 2018

best lawn mowers

​Whether you’re interested in a brand new lawn mower, want to upgrade from your older model or are simply looking for a few tips and pointers – We’re here to help! You will find plenty of lawn care tips, buying guides,​ lawn mower reviews and our top 10 l​ist of the best lawn mowers of 2018!

​​Choosing a mower is not about power, size or technology. Remember that you ideally want your mower to last you a really long time and keep your lawn manicured. So, the very first thing to do is find out what your needs are. How large is your lawn? Do you want to go eco-friendly? Is noise a big issue? ​There are a few of the big questions you have to ask yourself before committing to a and large purchase. Once you have selected a few models, figure out which ones fulfill most of your criteria.

​By being subjective and asking some important questions, you will find a long lasting, effective and dependable self propelled lawn mower.

The Top 10 Best ​Lawn Mowers of ​2018

  • ​Best Rated
  • ​b​​est sellers
  • ​Budget
 NameMotorOverallScoreCheck Price
Greenworks 25022​Greenworks 2502212 Amp
9.8Check Price
WORX WG775WORX WG77524-Volt
9.3Check Price
Sun Joe MJ401E-SJBSun Joe MJ401E-SJB12 Amp
9.2Check Price

​Finding the Best ​Lawn Mower​ ​for the job

​For those who own their own home, yard care is a big responsibility to handle. In fact, the size of the yard is immaterial since any patch of grass on your property will require care. Either you do it yourself or hire help for the purpose. With the right lawn mower, DIY lawn care becomes much easier. In the subsequent sections, I will be talking more about each type of mower explaining tips and tricks on choosing them but here we shall discuss your lawn mower needs.

Top 3 ​cheap & affordable Lawn Mowers

 NameMotorOverallScoreCheck Price
Greenworks 25022​Greenworks 2502212 Amp
9.8Check Price
WORX WG775WORX WG77524-Volt
9.3Check Price
Sun Joe MJ401E-SJBSun Joe MJ401E-SJB12 Amp
9.2Check Price

​Assessing your particular requirements

​Most people aren’t aware of their lawn care needs before they hit the market in search of a mower. I advise my friends and confidants to learn more about their yard before making any kind of yard care decision. You need to find out what kind of grass grows on your lawn, frequency of mowing and the terrain that you have.

Go deep into the details of your garden by examining the grass density, looking at zoning laws of your neighborhood and noise restrictions if any. Grass density helps in choosing the right kind of mowing blade and understanding the rotations required for the job. Zoning laws and noise restrictions help in deciding the engine type.

Next, you have to consider the size of your lawn. Most people downsize for a large expansive lawn thinking that the extra money saved will help them in some other household expense. Unfortunately, push type mowers turn out to be too small for an acre or more of land. However, a ride-on mower lets you travel across a vast expanse of land quick and efficiently mowing in a single pass. But, there are restrictions for such mowers too such as trees, flower beds, and jungle gym. The slope of terrain is another consideration you will have to make since the gradient of the slope will determine whether you can maneuver push type mowers around or if a ride-on is absolutely necessary. In fact, choosing the exact kind of ride-on for sloping land is a difficult task since too much gradient can cause the mower to topple over. In my experience, having seen too many lawn disasters happen in front of me, I recommend that you keep a push-behind lawn mower for the hilly regions of your land and a ride-on for the flatter grassy expanses (only if your total yard size exceeds 1 acre).

​There are two main types of ​Lawn ​Mowers...

  • ​​Walk -Behind Lawn Mowers
walk behind mower

​A compact engine sits pretty on top of the blade and mouth attachment operating the blades at a high speed and at times powering the rear wheels too. You stand behind such mowers and push them forward or walk along. They can be electric, battery operated, gasoline powered or manually operated. These mowers are best for small yards and for less dense grass with an average height of 6 inches or less.

  • ​​​Ride-On Lawn Mowers

​I like to think of them as versatile small tractors. For a farm, these look more like tractors that can blow snow away, harvest crops in small batches and do more. In reality, they are designed with a large blade underneath the chassis drawing power from a large engine that sits either at the back or front of the tractor with a seat positioned on the top and driven on four wheels using power steering and simple controls. These are best for large lands, hilly regions and dense grass growth but they aren’t great around obstacles.

ride-on mower

What are the top 3 best selling ​​Lawn Mowers?

 NameMotorOverallScoreCheck Price
Greenworks 25022​Greenworks 2502212 Amp
9.8Check Price
WORX WG775WORX WG77524-Volt
9.3Check Price
Sun Joe MJ401E-SJBSun Joe MJ401E-SJB12 Amp
9.2Check Price

​And one final consideration you must take into account is your duration of stay. If you are a person prone to move around, whether you purchase a new house or rent one, moving your yard equipment can be difficult. For highly mobile folks, landscaping with rocks is a better alternative than grass. Landscaping is also better for business folks who travel a lot. In either case, it’s better to get the services of a professional lawn care company rather than investing into a lawn mower.

Our Picks: The Reviews


Greenworks 25022 - Our Pick For The Best ​​​Lawn Mower of ​2018

  • ​No oil, gas or tune ups thus making the lawn mower virtually maintenance free and environment friendly.
  • ​3-in-1 steel deck offers choice of mulching, bagging or side discharge.
  • ​Folding and storage made easy with the conveniently placed cam lock on the handle
  • ​Innovative cord lock feature to protect against snag and prevent the cord from getting disconnected during mowing

​Given the company’s determination towards producing environmentally responsible lawn and yard tools, we didn’t for once doubt the ZERO footprint tag of the Greenworks 25022 electric lawn mower. ​

Our Pick for The Best ​Lawn Mower on the market!

​The Greenworks 25022 electric lawn mower boasts of ZERO carbon footprint, along with an impressive 4 year warranty. Despite its relatively small size, the 25022 integrates the power of a gas operated mower with the convenience of an electric appliance. With a heavy-duty 12-amp motor at its core, this mower can bag, mulch and even use the traditional side discharge, and is therefore suited for homes with small, flat lawns. The 20” steel cutting deck allows for more grass chomping in less time, whereas the single-lever height control feature presents a fuss-free adjustment of the mower’s cutting height.

Given the company’s determination towards producing environmentally responsible lawn and yard tools, we didn’t for once doubt the ZERO footprint tag of the Greenworks 25022 electric lawn mower. However, what we really wanted to see was if this electric lawn mower was able to match up in terms of power and work rate with its gas guzzling counterparts.

​More than its environment friendly characteristics, families with small to average sized yards will simply love the Greenworks 25022 for its versatility. The absence of oil or fuel intake system greatly reduces the overall weight of this lawn mower and in doing so makes it easy to maneuver around slightly uneven yards and close to solid objects likes pipes. And with the right type of extension, the problem of limited cord length can be easily fixed.


WORX WG775 - ​​Lightweight​ and easy to use ​Lawn Mower!

  • ​Starts with a single push of a button.
  • ​Designed to reduce fatigue as well as improve your control with an amazing ergonomic up-swept handle.
  • ​Weighing in at under 33 pounds – this mower is just right when it comes manageability.
  • ​Featured mowing height that is adjustable from 1.8 to 3.3 inches; 14-inch cutting width.
  • ​You can remove the battery and charge it separate from the lawn mower itself.

​Quiet you ask? I could actually hear the music on my MP3 player as I mowed my grass. Try that with a gas powered machine. The smell and residual odors are gone. The only scent hitting your nose is the wonderful smell of fresh cut grass.​

​The Runner up!

​This is a clean, green mowing machine. That’s what you have with the WORX WG775 Lil’Mo. It combines the ultimate in ease of use with a clean technology approach that will leave you feeling proud that you had a direct hand in reducing the carbon emissions that are the root cause of global warming and other environmental disasters on the near horizon. Your direct hands-on interaction with this mower is so enjoyable; you’ll want to be out there mowing every day. The grass collection bag pops on and off with little effort. It’s light enough, even when full, to handle and empty with ease. The 24 volt rechargeable battery is easily accessible and has a convenient carry handle for transporting to the recharge station and back. At 33 lbs fully loaded, the machine literally floats along as if on a cushion of air at the lightest of touch.

This is the best small deck, electric mower I’ve ever used. It cuts cleanly and decisively without bogging down or having to back over the same spot time and time again. The price of under $200 is very attractive. The fact that I’m using green technology appeals to me as well.

  • ​Pros: ​

The highlights are that it’s extremely light weight and a joy to use because you don’t have to worry about smelling like gasoline when your finished with your yard. It’s super silent, we were even able to listen to our MP3 player while testing this machine out!

  • ​Cons

​If you have a large yard you may want at least 2 charged fully batteries. While this machine it easy to use and has the power the cut heavy lawn, it uses a lot of battery.

​Lawn Mower Buying Guide

​So, What Type Lawn Mower ​​Are ​​You Looking For?

​One of the very first hurdles that new homeowners face when purchasing a lawn mower is learning of the different kinds of mowers and their pros and cons. Do not be surprised to find out that there are actually five different types available in the market. Here is a brief introduction to each type with the pros and cons laid out to help you choose better.

​​Electric Lawn Mowers

​​This kind of a mower operates on an electric motor that drives the blade coupling or attachment at high speeds. Some electric variants also provide power to the wheels. Cordless mowers derive power from a battery while corded versions depend on a power socket. They are silent and great at mulching too.

  • Best For– Lawns of 3/4th acre or less and grass of height 6 inches of less.
  • Pros – Easy to maneuver requires less energy, high efficiency, silent operations, relatively pollution free.
  • Cons – Limited by battery power or plug points, not great with slopes and large lawns, expensive to maintain.

Gas-powered Lawn Mowers

They can either be self-propelled or push types. Most operate with a four stroke engine and have the ability to cut through 6 inch high grass cover in a single pass. They provide higher torque and better power. And they are highly portable too.

  • Best For – Less than 1 acre of lawn area with grass growth no more than 6 inches high.
  • Pros – High power and torque output, effective against tough grass blades, quick operations and portable.
  • Cons – Makes a lot of noise, pollutes the environment, needs a lot of maintenance and is limited by the amount of gasoline left in the tank.

Reel Lawn Mowers

The most traditional design of a lawn mower, its pollution free, noise free and does not need a power source. It derives power from the force exerted upon it by pushing it forward. This drives the curved blades and helps it churn through grass. It’s also safe and easy to maintain as there are no mechanical or electrical components.

  • Best For – Small lawns with flat plains and grass no more than 3 inches in height.
  • Pros – Silent, eco-friendly, easy to maintain and long lasting.
  • Cons – Inefficient with taller grass, takes too long, can’t be used on large yards and is tiring to use.

Garden or Tractor Mowers

These lawn mowers are also called ride-on mowers and they are designed like a mini-tractor. You basically sit on the top, drive it around and let it chop through grass. These small riding machines are designed to move over hills and sloping land with ease while covering lot of ground rather quickly.

  • Best For – Lawns of 1 to 2 acres in size and limited trees or flowers.
  • Pros – Quick, efficient, zero effort, covers large grounds, great with slopes, cuts through wild grass of more than 6 inches height, can take on additional attachments such as a snow blower and mulching blades.
  • Cons – Poor maneuverability, wide turning radius, inefficient, highly polluting, too noisy, high maintenance costs.

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

​Similar to ride-on mowers except they depend on rear wheel and rear engine drive with a turning radius of zero degrees. They can move between trees with ease and have the power to drive across large tracts of land quickly regardless of the slope or distance. They usually have a 42 to 48 inch mowing reach.

  • Best For – Wide expansive lands with obstacles such as trees, shrubs, flowers and boulders.
  • Pros – Easy to handle, high coverage, quick and efficient.
  • Cons – Cannot take on multiple attachments, expensive to maintain and requires regular repairs.

Things To Consider Before Buying a ​Lawn Mower

Yard Size

What is the size of your yard? This is an important consideration because the larger the size of your yard, the larger the lawn mower must be. Otherwise, you may end up requiring more than two passes to cut grass. Usually, for ¾ of an acre, it is best to go with a walk behind mowers. For more than ¾ of an acre, it is best to go for a rear engine lawn mower or a garden tractor. Zero turn radius mowers are a good alternative for those with lots of trees and flowers around or a yard size of 2 or 3 acres.


Is it a flat and small yard? If so then a walk behind mower will suffice. But for hilly yards pushing the mower around can be difficult, so think of a self-propelled mower. If its big slopes that you have to tackle you need a larger engine and a ride-on mower. It all depends on how much gradient there really is. The best way to find out what kind of terrain you have in your yard is to walk up and down the terrain. If it’s easy to walk then you have a flat yard. If it’s too difficult to climb slopes then you have a hilly yard.

Special Features

Today lawn mowers come with plenty of optional add-on features. Not all will be needed so decide beforehand what features you really want to have and the ones that will give you zero benefit. Do you need a mulching blade? Get one with an optional mulch attachment if you want to mulch for natural fertilizers. Similarly, do you need auto choke feature? Or maybe a battery operated mower? These are questions that only you can answer. Think carefully as special features tend to elevate the price.


What kind of engine your mower has determines whether it can cut through long grass blades. Furthermore, the engine also decides how quickly you can mow the lawn. Based on the power output and blade attachment, you can get a large powerful mower that can cut through 6 inches or more of grass height or a small compact one capable of dealing with a maximum grass height of 3 inches. Usually, Briggs & Stratton make the best engines for lawn mowers. Also remember that the sturdier the engine design and the more reputed the company, the longer the engine will last and so shall your mower.

Maintenance & Warranty

No one wants to have an expensive piece of hardware that breaks down intermittently. In fact, your mower is only as good as its warranty. Once the warranty expires you are on your own. So, get something with a long warranty period and read user reviews on specific models to find out which ones require the least maintenance. At least, when the warranty cover runs out you won’t have to spend too much in keeping the machine going. Usually, cheap models tend to carry a limited 1-year warranty while expensive models from reputed companies carry longer warranties. However, spare parts of big brands tend to cost more than those made in China.

​Electric Vs Gas Powered ​Lawn Mower: Which One is ​The Best?

​Are you a new homeowner who has just bought a spanking new home and are planning to move in? There must be a hundred things you need to do, and no home can be complete without a well-manicured lawn. So, you are stuck with making the decision – whether to go for an electric or gas mower. While both are good, here is a comparison detailing the pros and cons of both types of mowers.

​What is the size of the lawn?

​The first point you need to consider is, taking into account the size of the proposed lawn. Is your house located on a fairly large-sized plot and you plan to have an extensive lawn that will comprise choice, fresh bermuda, of the hybrid variety? In that case, you can’t just manage with an electric mower, which has its own limitations. It is better to go for a gas mower that does not have any restrictions and can be used anywhere. Whereas an electric lawn mower has a cord that restricts the movement greatly. It is unwieldy to have an extra long cord to cover a half acre lawn.

​Gas Mowers are sturdy

​In case you are a person who travels frequently and ha​s to be away for long periods of time, a gas mower should be your automatic choice. Gas mowers are power-packed and can mow even overgrown, lawns with consummate ease. So, after you are back from a long trip, you don’t have to be dismayed at the prospect of mowing an overgrown lawn if you have a gas mower, whereas an electric mower just isn’t meant for that sort of heavy-duty work.

​Electric Mowers are easy and less money (usually)

​One undeniable advantage that an electric mower has over the gas mower is that it is almost whisper-silent and less messy. Unlike a gas mower, which makes a din and racket that can be unbearable, the electric mower whirs silently and completes the job. There are battery operated electric motors, which need to be charged for quite a few hours (even up to 8 to 10 hours) before you can start off on the lawn. Whereas a gas mower, especially the new ones start at the push of a button. There are a few models, which still have starter cords that need to be pulled on to start the mower. However, it makes sense to go for the sleek modern machines that have push buttons.

The Best Lawn Mowers on The Market
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