The Best ​​​​​​​Inversion Tables of 2019

best inversion tables

​Finding the best inversion table for your needs is about educating yourself on what to look for, and which brands are going to work best for you. While every inversion table has a primary function – to provide inversion therapy; it’s worth noting that the latest models now come complete with other functionalities. For example, most of the best inversion tables are designed to help you get a rigorous workout in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll be able to perform an array of inversion table exercises, such as inverted crunches, sit-ups, and inverted squats. Some tables are specifically marketed as having ​"ab-building​" functionality – which is helpful if you’re looking to tone your abdominal area. Here at, we give you everything you need to know – including what we think the inversion therapy table is best for, and what the specific advantages and disadvantages of each table are.

​Top 10 Best ​​​​​​​Inversion Tables of ​2019

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Breville BOV845BSSBreville BOV845BSS6-slice toaster, 13" pizza
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Panasonic NB-G110PPanasonic NB-G110P4-slice toaster, 9" pizza
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Cuisinart TOB-260N1Cuisinart TOB-260N19-slice toaster, 13" pizza
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​​​​​Inversion Tables​: ​What you need to know

ironman inversion table

An inversion table is a device that essentially allows you to hang upside down safely. They are known as aggressive devices because they provide you with an aggressive way to minimize and reduce the effects of gravity. However, it’s important to note that you don’t have to completely tilt upside down on an inversion table. You are able to choose what degrees you are inverting at.

A typical inversion table consists of a strong, durable and sturdy platform made of metal. There is a cushioned pad (usually made from leather) for you to lie down on, as well as straps that tie around your waist and ankle area. ​

​The idea is that you strap yourself in, and tilt upside down to begin reversing the effects of gravity’s pull on your body. In essence, you are repairing the damage caused by gravity by tilting in an unnatural position – essentially stretching and strengthening your spinal cord. Other features to look out for are ab-building functionality. These inversion tables also double up as home exercise tables and are most commonly found on Ironman Inversion Tables.

Top 3 ​cheap & ​​affordable ​​​​​​Inversion Tables in 2019

 NameCapacityOverallScoreCheck Price
Breville BOV845BSSBreville BOV845BSS6-slice toaster, 13" pizza
9.8Check Price
Panasonic NB-G110PPanasonic NB-G110P4-slice toaster, 9" pizza
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Cuisinart TOB-260N1Cuisinart TOB-260N19-slice toaster, 13" pizza
9.5Check Price

What to check before doing inversion therapy

As with any medical-related devices, it’s always best to take precautions to ensure that you are doing the best for your body. As a precautionary measure, we always recommend:

  • ​Consulting a doctor prior to inversion therapy. Your doctor may be able to suggest safer and less-strenuous methods to alleviate your back pain. Your problems may not be serious and may be resolved by simpler methods such as massage.
  • ​Reading in-depth information about your specific symptoms. Sometimes, your pain or back-related problems may be related to your lifestyle; and it’s important to eliminate this first of all. If your lifestyle is causing the problems, then you may be able to take a pro-active approach to rectify this.

What are the top 3 best selling ​​​Inversion Tables?

 NameCapacityOverallScoreCheck Price
Breville BOV845BSSBreville BOV845BSS6-slice toaster, 13" pizza
9.8Check Price
Panasonic NB-G110PPanasonic NB-G110P4-slice toaster, 9" pizza
9.7Check Price
Cuisinart TOB-260N1Cuisinart TOB-260N19-slice toaster, 13" pizza
9.5Check Price

It’s understood that regular use of an inversion table provides a reduction in the symptoms related to spinal conditions such as disc herniations and spinal stenosis. And, because inversion therapy can be done within the comfort of your own home, it has proven to become an increasingly popular method of relaxation. However, with so many inversion tables on the market, it’s extremely important to read inversion table reviews to help you understand which tables are best for you – and which have proven to be the most effective for inversion therapy.

relax inversion table

​If you believe that inversion therapy is the best option for you, we recommend checking out our Inversion Table top 10 list. Our list allows you to compare the benefits of all of the leading models on the market – and provides you unbiased opinions and reviews. You’ll be able to see the pricing of each table, our rating, and review, and how we score each table over numerous factors (durability, affordability, effectiveness etc).

Our Picks: The Reviews


Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven - Our Pick For The Best ​​​​​​​​Toaster Oven of ​2019

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​Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven

​Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven


Panasonic NB-G110P - ​​​The runner up ​​​​Toaster Oven!

  • ​Panasonic NB-G110P
Panasonic NB-G110P

​The Runner ​Up!

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Cuisinart TOB-260N1 - ​​​Stainless Steel​​​​​
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  • ​Cuisinart TOB-260N1

​Cuisinart TOB-260N1

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Inversion Table Buying Guide

​Inversion Tables are one of the most revolutionary inventions – simply so in the fact that they target a problem, and provide relief for it. An inversion table is designed to hold the user upside down – which reverses the effects of gravity and prevents gravity from pulling you downwards. While the benefits of inversion tables are disputed, it’s important to note that solid, scientific evidence has been put forward that shows that inversion tables effectively slightly changes the flow of your blood. In addition to this, inversion tables also help your lymphatic system to draw and extract toxins from your system.

Today, inversion tables are used by a variety of people; including professional ​​athletes, professional gyms, and medical facilities. Inversion Tables are also becoming increasingly common among households; as they provide a way for you to alleviate your back pain/symptoms from the comfort of your own home. Through this inversion table buying guide, you’ll be able to figure out which inversion table is best for you, what features and qualities to look out for, and which brands ​we recommend.​

​About Inversion Tables

​Inversion Therapy Tables are primarily used to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with back pain. In the manufacturing industry, inversion tables are referred to as weight machines – even though they​​​​ come attached with no weights. Instead, the user’s body acts as the weight, and the table provides the tools needed to stretch and work the back and the joints of the body.

The easiest way to think about what an inversion table is to consider that the Earth’s gravity is constantly pulling you downwards. An inversion table helps you to reverse the effects of gravity. Scientists and physicians claim that regular use of Inversion Tables helps to alleviate many of the symptoms and pain associated with back/joint pain – especially because most back pain is made worse by the effects of gravity. To learn more about inversion tables, be sure to read our inversion table reviews.

  • ​​The Frame - ​​Each inversion table will have a different frame construction. The frame will determine how many degrees you can tilt, and as such, should be one of your core buying decisions. While you will probably start using lower angles, to begin with, such as 30-50 degrees, it’s important to note that later on down the line, you will probably be tilting up to 90 degrees. For this reason, consider how sturdy and durable the frame actually is. The product page for each inversion table will specify a minimum and maximum weight for users, as well as maximum degree tilting capability. Ensure that you will be able to comfortably fit on the table (by checking your height & weight), and ensure that it is a long-term inversion table (rotates to at least 90 degrees). Finally, consider that the large the frame, the more stable the inversion table will be.
  • ​Platform and Clamps - ​Each inversion table will have a different platform with different clamps. Generally speaking, whilst inverted, you will strap yourself in with a clamp around your ankles. The platform will support your body and help you to feel safe. However, it’s important to note that I always recommend that people buy an inversion table with an adjustable platform – as not all people have the same size feet. Additionally, a padded knee bar is also a brilliant extra as this means you won’t have to hang by your ankles.
  • ​Want to make sure that you are told when the oven has finished cooking? An alert is the best solution to this need and can be a useful tool whether you are cooking toasted cheese or roasting meat on a spit.
  • ​Back pads and Comfort. ​As you can probably imagine, thicker pads are more comfortable than thinly lined pads. However, bulkier doesn’t mean more comfort. It’s important to choose an inversion table that boasts quality materials as this will provide better comfort for extended periods of time. Some cheaper inversion tables will have low-quality filling on the pads, which may result in discomfort if you find yourself inverting for longer periods of time. It’s also important to note that some inversion tables come included with removable pads that can be removed and used for other exercises. Another popular option that I recommend looking into is molded beds with a mesh or honeycomb design, as these provide comfort and sturdiness.
  • ​Motor Capabilities -  ​Some newer, more advanced inversion table models come pre-included with motors that automatically tilt the table for you. This assists with the inversion process as you won’t need to manually tilt up and down. Simply flick the switch and you’ll be inverted automatically.
  • Ab-Building Capabilities - Some models serve multiple purposes, such as the Ironman ATIS 1000. The Ironman ATIS 1000, for example, comes with ab building capabilities. If you’re looking to improve your physical shape whilst inverting, features such as this are beneficial as you can work your abdominal area at the same time.
  • Vibration Pads - Vibration Pads are optional extras that attach to the inversion table for a muscle-working and relaxing process. If you find yourself being a huge sporting fan of massages, then opting for a vibration pad can be a great way to wind down in the evening. You’ll also save money long-term as you won’t have to visit your regular ​masseuse.

​​Do Inversion Tables Work? What are the advantages?

​Do inversion tables work? The simple answer is yes. The more complicated answer, however, is the one you really need to understand. There are specific things these tables can do, some things they can’t and some potentially harmful effects you should know before you decide to use one yourself.

The benefits of inversion tables have been debated for years. Physicians can be found on both sides of the fence. Manufacturers point to clinical trials for proof. Government agencies are concerned about the claims some manufacturers make.

At the end of the day, all you want to know is if an inversion table will solve some physical issue you are trying to address. Let’s break down the claims and go through some important pieces of information.

Reduce Pack Pain

​The number one reason people look to these devices is to help reduce or eliminate back pain. In an article by Robert Chou, MD, regarding subacute and chronic low back pain, 84% of the population will experience some form of lower back pain in their lifetime. Most will attempt some form of self-treatment.

​Increased Mobility and Back Strength

​Another reason people choose to try using an inversion table is to increase mobility. It’s thought that using gravity to decompress the spine will allow for more flexibility. Again, considering that the effects of inversion are likely temporary, those who describe seeing some benefit might be leveraging those periods of relieved back pain to improve their overall flexibility because they feel better enough to do normal exercises that target the back. Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy – one hopes that they can use an inversion table to improve mobility and, when they do feel better after practicing inversion therapy are able to tackle exercises they could not perform before which are the acts that truly increase mobility but one assigns responsibility for the benefit to the inversion table. Regardless of how one gets there, the table might kick off a chain of events that lead to increased mobility.

​Make You Look Younger

​Here’s an interesting claim – that inversion tables can make you look younger. We’d all like to find the fountain of youth but there is no magic bullet that erases the mark of age without some compromise. The best things one can do to remain looking and feeling younger is to exercise and eat well. If using inversion therapy helps you perform exercises you might not otherwise be able to perform because of back pain than perhaps the claims that it helps one look younger make sense in some abstract relationship. However, I would not suggest that anyone try an inversion table for the sole purpose of looking younger.

​Inversion Table Risks

​Regardless of the final outcome of any clinical trials on inversion tables, almost all references suggest that there are risks one should understand before trying this type of gravity therapy. Resting upside down for any period of time does have a proven impact on blood pressure. Those who already suffer from high blood pressure or retinal pressure such as is associated with glaucoma should not attempt inversion therapy. Other conditions that do not mix with inversion therapy as noted in the UC Berkeley Wellness letter include hypertension, heart disease, and pregnancy.

​Constant Motion

​What does this all mean? Do inversion tables work or not? Here’s the deal. Lots of people who use them report feeling positive affects and relieve back pain. However, inversion therapy is not a cure for back pain. It has some temporary benefits that can improve how one feels so that they can then do the things that will have more long-term benefits towards back pain (exercises) and mobility (stretching). There are risks involved and one should always consult a doctor before trying inversion therapy and should follow any product instructions to the letter.

A Quick Inversion Table ​FAQ

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The Best Inversion Tables on The Market
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